Dorothy Emberg  May 1, 1937 – May 14, 2017 

On Mothers’ Day this year, Dorothy Emberg, who has touched so many of our lives, passed away, taking with her that wonderful smile. This smile that said to all of us that Dorothy was passionate about life – the big things and small things, and she wanted to share her passion with all. This smile carried the message of welcome, her capacity to see beauty and her JOY she carried in life. She has left on her final journey – probably by train – but has left behind a legacy that will live on in so many people with whom she shared her life.

Dorothy’s last year of life was full of ups and down as she faced medical challenges related to aging with a diagnosis of cancer. She lived this time bravely with an amazing amount of support and caring and LOVE from the Wabana Team, from her house mates and other members and friends of the l’Arche Ottawa Community, and of course from her sister Mary.  At the same time, Dorothy returned that love as she has always done. 

Dorothy was a stylish woman who loved to dress up and wear stylish hats. She was creative and made very pretty necklaces that she loved to wear and share. She loved her activities and outings with the Garnobé Club. She was very much in her element there. 

All who knew her,  experienced her invitation to become as enthusiastic about Trains, Planes, Babies, Dogs and Cats as she was. Her “WOW” filled our spirits. 

Dorothy was very clear about what she liked and did not like and stood up for what was just. She could defend herself and had a more than an adequate vocabulary to do so. 

Dorothy spoke from the HEART. She welcomed many people into her life and knew what they needed to feel at home. Her “I LOVE YOU” was treasured and, oh, so real. 

Although she left home at a relatively young age, Dorothy’s family was always very important for her and she always wanted to know where and how they were. Dorothy’s l’Arche La Caravane and L’Arche Ottawa family were important as well and she always wanted to be sure that all were well. This was home for her. 

Dorothy, you will continue to touch our hearts each time we have a Tim’s or hear or see or take a train or plane.  

Thank you Dorothy for being such a gracious woman with such a big heart. You have brought happiness to us all.  

It will take a while for the reality that she is no longer with us to sink in but I am sure that from where she is now that she is waving to us and saying with that smile, “I’M HAPPY”.