L’Arche Ottawa is looking for volunteers interested in contributing to the Social, Spiritual and Communal lives of our core members through engagement with our  6 West End homes.

We can provide a wonderful opportunity to live and learn about the spirit of our founder, Jean Vanier.

Some volunteer opportunities or needs include helping to prepare and share a meal with members of the community, one-on-one peer relationships, recreational activities, gardening and music, and administration. In addition, those with an interest in and/or experience with Outreach (i.e. Public Speaking, Fund-Raising, Event organizing..) are welcome to join us and help us share and grow our community. 

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Henrietta Kelemen

613-228-7136 ext. 33

“I am so grateful for the time I spent at L'Arche--the peace I felt being part of your community was unlike anything I had ever been a part of before. I am so thankful for all of you”.

- Megan Rusciano

Meet Joe and Cara! They've been buddies for three fun years! They've bonded over museum trips, board game cafes, Hintonburgers and movies! Joe and Cara also make an effort to come out to support all the Best Buddies group events. They're favourite activities also include cheering at hockey games (or complaining about the refs) and playing crazy 8s at Tims. :)”

Cara : “Joe and I have been buddies for almost 4 years now and its has been an absolute blast. We have bonded over museum trips, board game cafes, fast food taste tests, movies and maybe most importantly, screaming at Hockey games and at the Refs in particular. We enjoy nothing more than playing a quiet game of Crazy 8’s at Tim’s”

Joe:  “It has been a very gratifying  4 years. We have grown together in our relationship – one that has become very important to my life and to my experience as a person with a disability who is trying to find acceptance in society. I am or can be just“Joe” with Cara, for better or worse, and not simply or merely a person with a disability.